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Silver Stardust

Original Music

NBC used this tune to promote the 4th hour of The TODAY Show and it got nominated for a freakin' National Daytime Emmy award.

So we got dressed up, went to LA-LA Land for the award show, spent a lot of $, stayed in a really nice hotel and came home with "Nothing, Nothing, Nothing" (see video below).

By the way, the tune also became the theme music for Kathy Lee & Hoda's hour of TODAY, and a good time was had by all.

Subaru is one of America's most reliable cars, so of course they asked for a song about being wild and free. We gave them a tune about....ummmm...Nothing Nothing Nothing.

Take THAT Subaru, and if you happen to own or drive a Subaru....please leave your clothes on.

Carhartt is about much more than workwear. Today's Carhartt is about dependability, honesty, and trust. The only thing missing from this commercial is Sam Elliott, himself.

There's just something about Culver's restaurants, and it takes special music to create that authentic, hometown feeling. The only thing better than making this music was wetting my whistle with something from the soda fountain!

Gotta love a hobo sitting in a tree, playing guitar, and talking about a boy and his lawn mower.....

The hobo didn't have to jump out of the mower's, on the other hand, I had to play the guitar and do some jumping.

Bruce's Yams come in a can but once you let 'em out of the can and on the table.....

Well, they kick ass. Now repeat after me.


Sometimes a piece of production music gets used for a national truck brand.

Welcome to the Original Music page Dodge Ram Truck...even if you snuck in by the back door.


Production Music

Lindsey Williams (aka The Big Bison) has been writing music for decades. His music has been used in audio and video production pieces, and is available at places such as Warner/Chappell Production Music, The Hollywood Edge, MegaTrax, Amphibious Zoo, and others. You can hear his music in commercials, promos, and informational videos around the world.

Grunge Texture

Big Bison Music Placements


Lindsey Williams
aka The Big Bison


Most days I get up, walk the dog, get a cup of coffee, and go make up something new in my studio. Sometimes I know where the music is going and what it's for, but often times I have no clue. When what I make up in my studio does find a home and gets used in some TV show, on a commercial, played on the radio, streamed via one of those streaming services like Spotify, or used in some digital content publisher's creation...I am so grateful that I get to do what I do.

If you have turned on a TV in the past 20 years or so you've heard music I've either written, produced, or played on. Every day somewhere around the world or right here in cyber space there is music playing that I've had a hand in creating.

Music is truly a universal language and it's one of the greatest joys in my life to be able to speak it.


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